Why Choose Us

No Substitute for Experience.   We have been active players in the real estate appraisal field for a significant period of time spanning four decades.  We have a multitude of experience in appraising a myriad of types of real estate.

We Welcome Your Questions and Input.   Immediately upon contacting us, you will notice how our approach to the process is different. We recognize that communication is an integral component to the appraisal process.   When you talk to us we will take the time to inform, educate, and involve you in the process.   We welcome your input.   This may include market data to consider in the analysis; a list of improvements made to the property during your term of ownership; and any other element that makes a property unique.

We Understand the Process.  We understand that important decisions are typically being made which are impacted by the appraisal process.  With the knowledge that our results affect real people, balancing efficient turn times with accurate values allows us to help move you forward.