Local Expertise

Identifying Your Market.  Your neighborhood or location may be unique by subdivision, amenities, access to transportation. School district may set your home apart from others. Access to the local expressway system may be a determining factor in the appeal of your commercial or industrial building.  Whatever it may be, we understand the importance of your local market. While national publications or financial pundits may report one thing about the overall national or regional marketplace, we focus more on the micro-economic indicators of your specific area. We place our emphasis on how your property competes in your local marketplace.

A Connection to the Local Realtor Community.  Having ties to the local realtor community can also be an important element in the exchange of market information for an appraiser. Whether verifying a component of a comparable sale or delving deeper into the buyer/seller motivations of a transaction, real estate agents offer us a valuable source of information. Our experience in the communities we work in and relationships with realtor professionals, provides us an edge on our competitors.  We value your agents input in the process, as well as your own.

Fairness & Understanding the Unique Nature of Each Assignment.  In addition to understanding your market, treating each appraisal as a separate and distinct assignment is a core element in exercising fairness to the appraisal process. We understand that markets are fluid and that change is always occurring. We make an attempt choose pertinent data that reflects any changes in today’s market.

Making an Informed Appraiser Choice.  We recognize that the choice of an appraiser can sometimes be confusing, which is why you owe yourself the opportunity to become more acquainted with your appraiser. Selecting an appraiser simply by the town they list as their own, or because your agent has dealt with them in the past, is not a guarantee that they are the best choice for you. We encourage you to call us, as we are willing to take the necessary time to help you make an informed decision.