Our Story

The world of Relocation Appraising is an ever-changing environment.  The attrition of the relocation appraiser community has been increasing at a steady pace.  A multitude of talented and experienced relocation appraisers have exited the industry over the past 10 years – a trend that will likely continue.  Despite this situation, the demand for high-quality relocation appraisal expertise remains.

The Accelerated Graying of the Industry.  The aforementioned exodus of a segment of the relocation appraisal community is the result of a majority of the appraisers approaching retirement age, coupled by a diminished pool of incoming appraiser talent.

Answering The Clients Needs.   For some time, it had become evident that the relocation appraisal talent pool was in need for re-tooling.  Several of the largest third-party relocation firms have expressed concern over the situation.  The creation of more professional and talented appraisers with proper relocation training and expertise is a paramount need within the industry.  BGV listened to our clients plea, and is ready to answer the bell.

The Transferee, Third Parties, and Corporations Deserve Better.  While there is a general lack of qualified relocation appraiser, there also exists a deficiency for overall professionalism in the industry.  The transferee, third-party relocation firm, and the corporations deserve better.  A core belief of our firm involves creating an environment which substantially elevates the overall level of professionalism focusing on the decorum, responsiveness, and ability of each of our appraisers.   Transferees and clients alike deserve to deal with competent business professionals who understand the relocation process.  We believe that during a relocation, the home appraisal is an integral part of a very important business relationship between a transferee and their employer.  This is not a simple transaction, as real dollars are at stake for both the transferee and for the employer.