Our Story

The BGV Difference. Traditionally, Real Estate Appraisers are hired simply to provide a valuation report and then remove themselves from the “bigger-picture”. Most firms treat appraising as a “hit and run” profession, moving quickly from one project to the next.  Bomba Gargano Valuation, Inc., believes in changing that paradigm. Clients are demanding more from their real estate analysts.  We embrace the role as both an expert in estimating value and acting as a consultant to help our clients fully understand the valuation process and how it applies to their property.

Our firm has been providing quality valuation and consulting services for more than 35 years. Our areas of expertise include valuations on a myriad of property types including Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Office, Special Use Type, (House of Worship, Day Care Facilities, Funeral Homes, Institutional Buildings), and Vacant Land.

We believe the Appraisal Professional is an invaluable team member in any real property transaction and/or real estate decision. Our staff is a carefully chosen team of highly skilled and articulate professionals who offer an unparalleled level of both real estate and business knowledge.

Answering The Clients Needs.   For some time, it had become evident that the appraisal talent pool was in need for re-tooling.  The attrition of the appraiser community has been increasing at a steady pace. The creation of more professional and talented appraisers with proper training and expertise is a paramount need within the industry.  Bomba Gargano Valuation has consistently represented a reliable source for appraisal services over a significant period of time, and is positioned to continue as a trusted valuation source for many years to come.  BGV continues to represent a nationally recognized firm with unparalleled local expertise.

Clients Deserve Better.  A core belief of our firm involves creating an environment which substantially elevates the overall level of company professionalism – focusing on the decorum, responsiveness, and ability of each of our appraisersOur clients deserve to deal with competent business professionals who understand the appraisal process, regardless of what market they are located within.