Relocation Appraising is a very significant portion of our overall focus. We have consistently represented one of the highest volume firms in the entire country for relocation appraisal services for a period of nearly four decades. We have an unrivaled local and national presence in the Relocation Industry. The number of assignments we complete in a typical month, would surpass many appraisal firms annual volume. The fact that relocation firms place such trust in our services is a testament to our professionalism and ability to provide highly accurate valuations in a timely fashion.

We understand that the values we arrive at directly impact the financial future of both the transferee and the corporate client. We work diligently to identify unique market characteristics, evaluate all the individual aspects of the owner’s home, and most importantly – value the input of each transferee. You owe it to yourself to contact Bomba Gargano Valuation.

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